Playing around, harbours and 10 stop mountains

So the day was spent relaxing and moving around different areas of Hout Bay, Cape Town. We started with a boat ride out to Duiker island so my daughter could see the seals. It’s a fun ride, the sea calm and none of the usual icy cold wind.

After that we wondered around the harbour. I was amazed to find 4 sunken trawlers lying in shallow water along the piers. This is a small harbour, and I could not figure out why these hulks were just left there, like drowned reminders of some past.

From there I took advantage of Chapman’s peak drive to find a piece of escarpment to photograph. I’ve just bought a Cambriox ND1000 filter to add to my bag, so was keen to try it out. 

I found that even 10 stops were too little, but then again it was midday. So I stacked a little (yes I know…bad bad bad) – CPL+ND1000+ND8 = 2+10+3 stops = 48s @iso200, f14. I’m rather pleased with the result. Looking in Lightroom6, there was no colour cast, and only slight vignetting from the stacking, which was easily fixed in post. 

The full scene taken with a Huawei P9, just to show the vista. I want/need a 10 or 12 mm wide angle!!!

Till next time


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