Through the forest in the mist

On Sunday, Rene and I went out to do the annual winter waterbird count (Part of the CWAC project in South Africa – Unfortunately when we arrived at the site, the fog was so thick that visibility was too limited to count the birds.

Before we moved off to the next site, we managed to wonder around in the area a bit, taking advantage of the fog and the forest to get some shots.


The brd escapes
A Southern Masked weaver flies from the tangle of branches. (f9 60mm 1/250 ISO-200)


Follow the path through the forest (f4 27mm 1/250 ISO-200)


The way out is sometimes blocked by the unknown. (f812mm 1/1000 ISO-200)


Dew drops
Dew drops on the web. (f4.9 30mm 1/200 ISO-200)

Barb wire and Windmills
Barb wire coils on the fence post with a windmill in the background fog. (f8 25mm 1/200 ISO-200)


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