A family walk through the forest

Wednesday was Women’s day in South Africa, so we all got to have a much needed mid week break. We decided to take advantage and go for a walk through the Newlands forest and relax. It turned out to be a beautiful day, nice and warm for a winters day.

Sapling with shadow on the rock
f4.7 28mm 1/160 ISO200
Fynbos flowers
f4.5 12mm 1/16000 ISO200

On our way back, we passed the ruins of the old Woodcutters homestead. Built in the first decades of the 1800s, it served as the base for the Head Woodcutter and his family, as well as a small garrison of soldiers to protect the valuable wood. Towards the later part of the 1800s, the homestead was occupied by Lady Anne Barnard and her husband.

The Woodcutters home, Newlands Forest
The last remains of the Woodcutters homestead, more famously known as Lady Anne Barnards cottage. (f4.6 27mm 1/400 ISO200)

As with most of our family outings, there is always a certain amount of homeschooling that happens. Today was the introduction to the Ericas, one of the plants types synonymous with the Fynbos Plant kingdom (The family is represented in other plant kingdoms as well, but not to the same extent as in the Fynbos, where the are over 900 known species.)

Homeschooling in the field
An introduction to the Erica. (f5.5 40mm 1/800 ISO200)

Today, while writing this post, it seems that yesterdays beautiful weather was just a flash in the pan, with winter making itself known again. Howling wind and low temperature, with the prediction of snow tomorrow! Just in time for the weekend.

Till next time


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