Cecilia Forest, rivers and rain

Sunday was spent in the Cecilia forest, where Rene and I explored the river after some much needed rain in the Western Cape, South Africa. What a difference just that small amount of rain makes! We managed to get a few hours of photography in, following the river up from the mountain.

Cecilia Forest was previously a managed forestry area, covered in Pine trees and Eucalyptus. Since becoming part of the Table Mountain National Park, the pines have largely been removed to allow the natural Fynbos vegetation and Afro-mountain forest to return to the area. The difference between the two forest environments, managed and Afro-mountain, is staggering. The amount of life and variety of plant and trees in the natural forest is beyond comparison, and just the feeling of being in the natural forest is invigorating.

Rene setting up the shot
Rene setting up the shot. (f5.6, 1/15. ISO200, 12mm)
Small waterfalls
Small waterfalls. (f9, 2″, ISO200, 38mm)
Bubbles streaking along the water
Bubbles streaking along the water. (f7.1, 1.3″, ISO200, 60mm)
Fern leaves over rivers
Fern leaves over rivers. (f7.1, 1″, ISO200, 60mm)
Life on every surface
Life on every surface
Light ferns on dark background
Light ferns on dark background
A sapling clings to the rocks along the stream bank
A sapling clings to the rocks along the stream bank.(f8, 1/13, ISO200, 62mm)
Life in the fork
Life in the fork. (f5.6, 1/2, ISO200 60mm)
Backlit Yellowwood leaves
Back-lit Yellow-wood leaves. (f8, 1/100, ISO200, 35mm)


Another beautiful day out with the camera.

Till next time


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