A week in Turku, Finland

Over the last few days I have been attending the European Ornitholigical Union Conference in Turku, Finland. This gave me the opportunity to hear about the really impressive research that has conducted, as well as getting to visit a historic city. Although I don’t get to see a whole lot of the country, I have been able to meet many new people, and see many new things.
Turku itself is a beautiful and safe city, with some buildings dating back a few centuries. Primarily a University city, it is home to about 150 000 people, and I was amazed to how much care and pride the residents have in their environment.

Rows of windows
One of the old buildings it the city
Life in the windows.
Its all downhill from here
Bicycles chained as they rest on the downhill
Welcome to turku
Beautiful old houses and traditions
Stairs to the university
Follow the stair to the University of Turku
UNiversity forest
I wish all universities had the kind of natural environments amongst the building as this one does
Path between the buildings
The path between the university buildings
Side by side
Just some nice looking buildings
The river
The Aurajoki river that runs through Turku

As with most ornithology conference, one of the days is spent on an excursion to some of the birding areas near the conference venue. Of the 5 options avalable at the EUO2017, I selected to go to Teijo National Park, which is about an hours drive from the city. What a beautiful park to visit.

The flower seller
Flower sellers in the main Marketplace at the centre of town. We had to walk through the market to get to the busses.
Birders on the docks
Part of our group standing on the dock, looking out for birds that may be on the lake in the area
Alone in the crowd
Alone in a crowd, I stand out, unique amongst the tall trees.
A small dry river course
A small drainage line to the lake, dry at this time of the year
The Boats
Boats on the lake
A small piece of water off from the main lake
A small bay, with lilies
Tall Spruce trees in the forest
Tall Spruce trees in the forest
Follow the sun up the path, up through the forest, into the unknown
The room with a view
The room with the view
Flower along the path
Part of the main lake
A view of the main lake

Some of the people that were on the excursion

The coffee shop at the marina for lunch

Have a nice day. Till next time.

Cheers Michael

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