Some 35mm love

Recently I got hold of a Minolta 35mm film camera, with a 28mm f2.5 Tamron lens. Now the camera is in really great condition, but I am not sure of the quality of the Tamron lens, especially as its is connected to the camera through a Adaptall adapter.  All of the images I took were less then sharp, but I attribute that more to my technique then the lens. The primary gripe with regards to the lens is that it kills contrast badly. Then again, that could also just be bad technique. I’ll work on that, and test a different lens and we can see if I can improve on things

Film is great. It gives a look that does not feed the pixel peeper mentality, rather allowing one to capture a feeling, an emotion, that is usually lost in the instant gratification world of perfectly sharp images and HD living.

So I took some images while on a recent foray into Cecilia forest in Cape Town, South Africa.  Most of the time was spent with the Olympus OM-D E-M10mk2, but I did take a few images with the 35mm. I enjoyed the slowness of the process, the lack of ‘aids’ to get all the settings right. The only ‘aid’ was the rudimentary light meter that is built in. For those who have spent a lot of time in the old manual world, this would have probably been easier, but for me, who is a techie, it means having to spend more time thinking about settings then I am used to!

Fern fronds
Sapling in the light
A small fern by the rock

Don’t ask me the settings for these, I completely forgot to take note of them. A legacy of living in the digital camera era where EXIF takes the place of the memory. I now carry a small notebook to jot down the important settings and conditions!

While finishing off the spool so I could take it for processing (I will be working towards processing my own film shortly) I snapped a couple of my daughter.


Another, the last frame of the spool, which was subjected to multiple exposures purely by accident. But I think it made a interesting picture anyway, the glee in her eyes with the prospect of the the Cocoafair for chocolate!


I enjoyed the camera so much, I decided to get a Kodak six-20 Jr medium format. A very old camera (1937ish) that will hopefully prove to be as much fun as the Minolta! I may need a bigger bag to carry it all!

Till next time



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