No work weekends at Amara Farm Cottages

This past weekend was a No Work Weekend, so we packed into the car and sped off down the south coast of South Africa to the Amara Farm Cottages just outside Plettenberg Bay. The Amara Farm Cottages were very comfortable, and being the only guests for the weekend, very private. This was exactly what we needed to relax and unwind.

As always, I had my camera with me and got to capture the weekend. I had taken both the Olympus OM-d E_M10 mk2, as well as my Minolta X300 35mm film camera, loaded with some Illford FP4. Those shots will take a bit longer to upload as I still need to send them off to be developed! No Kodak six-20 Jr. on this trip, but definitely next time.

Amara - The first cup of coffee in the morning sun
The first cup of coffee in the morning sun
Amara - Sun stars
Sun stars
Amara - Strelitzia

As with most farms in South Africa, there are cats

Amara - Farm cats on a hot tin roof
Farm cats on a hot tin roof
Amara - Whisky the cat
Whisky the cat

We were lucky enough to have some great weather for the weekend. Sun, Sun and some rain. This let us enjoy the pools and get in some tanning, as well as bring some glorious rain to the region, which is in a drought at the moment.

Amara - Splashing about in the pool
Splashing about in the pool
Amara - Enjoying the sun
Enjoying the sun
Amara - Cooling off in the pool
Cooling off in the pool

Some pictures of my wife Nadia and brother James to end off. And a flower.

Amara - My beautiful wife
My beautiful wife
Amara - My brother
My brother
Amara - Lilies in the field
Lilies in the field
Amara - A daisy
A daisy


Till next time.


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