AfrikaBurn 2018, Tankwa Karoo, South Africa

A week spent at the 2018 AfrikaBurn in the Tankwa Karoo, in the Northern Cape, South Africa. What an experience of openness, both in the environment and the people who attend.

A abstract view of an artwork.


Another abstract view of an artwork.


Mutant vehicles.


Beautiful sunsets.


Art under the clouds.


Movies in the desert. This theme camp played old classics every night for those who wanted to escape.


Home made steam car. made from an eclectic mix of parts collected over the years.


She walks the desert.


Music in the sunset, with kites in the sky.


Dance under the setting sun.


Drinks with sun rays and a good laugh.


Classic cars.


Then there were the people of the camp, and a few others that were found in the desert.






The cowboy. An american who came through to Africa Burn for the experience.












Brett again.




The steam car steerman. (Not to be confused with the driver, who on a steam engine operates the actual engine.)


Alex and Jodi walking to the artworks.

As part of the Steampunk Saloon theme camp, there were many burlesque performances and dancers, as well as a few live music performers.

Jezzy Belle (istagram: @jezze.belle), a Rougette of the Rouge Revue Burlesque (instagram: @therougerevue) group.


Wiggle, performed by the bevvy of beauties of the Rouge Revue Burlesque group.


Nick Knightshade (instagram: @dukesofnote)


So there we leave Africa Burn for the year, looking forward and towards the next one in 2019. I would recommend everyone attends at least one Burn experience in their lifetime!

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